Earn your CPD units for criminologist PRC license renewal online!

Behind the machinations of law enforcement is the knowledge and skills carried by a capable criminologist. As a practicing criminologist, professionals in the occupation are expected to be familiar with laws and legalities surrounding crime and crime detection. However, earning CPD units for criminology practice is a must to effectively analyze and solve crimes because of the continuous advancement of technology — both of law offenders and law enforcers.

What is a CPD?

A CPD, or a Continuing Professional Development, is a postgraduate learning program required by law for various professionals to continue their practice, especially those in highly specialized fields such as nursing, medicine, education, and criminology among many others. Even after passing your licensure exams, it is your duty as a professional to continuously hone your skills and keep up with the latest industry trends and techniques in order to give only the best in terms of your job performance.

Here in the Philippines, earning your CPD units as a criminologist is a must due to RA 10912—the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016. The minimum number of units required by this law when it was passed in 2016 used to be 45, but starting this December 2021 onwards, the minimum units have been reduced to fifteen which can be obtained every three years. Fulfilling this unit quota is a mandatory requirement for professionals that wish to continue their practice and renew their PRC ID license. CPD for criminologists would mostly focus on special topics, such as cybercrime and digital forensics, as well as human trafficking and crimes against the environment.

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How Do I Take my CPD Units?

Typically, criminology CPD courses would be taught in a classroom setting like any other CPD module. But with the officers’ day-to-day grind and the demands of the current global pandemic, taking these classes may seem easier said than done. Good thing that OEd Postgrad offers online postgraduate education programs including high-caliber criminology CPD courses online for you to earn your credits wherever you are, and at your own pace.

What are the Advantages of Taking Your Criminology CPD Online?

Enjoy Self-Paced Learning

With a subject matter as technical as criminology, learning all your criminology CPD course material at a pace that is out of your control can become tiresome and overwhelming. Master the subject matter with OEd’s self-paced learning process tweaked to fit you and how you learn best, so your learnings stay with you for the time you need it most.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Juggling your actual duties while earning your CPD units for criminology? Not to worry. Because of OEd’s self-paced remote learning, you can break up your study time according to when and where it is most convenient for you. Whether you are working on some files at home or you are reporting for duty on-site, access all your learning materials with the click of a button and work on your criminology CPD courses on your breaks, after work, and even on the go.

Level Up Your Credibility

Taking up CPD courses for criminology does not have to stop when you reach the fifteen unit minimum of your three years. Become an expert in various local laws and internationally recognized crime detection practices. In doing so, you don’t just earn the bare minimum to renew your license. You can set yourself up to become a recognized expert in the field, and a person of authority that budding criminologists and other law enforcement professionals can look up to. This is especially useful if you plan to take on international positions as a criminologist or open yourself up for taking international responsibilities.

Whether you want to earn your CPD units for criminology to practice the profession abroad, or you simply want to renew your PRC license to continue practicing in your current position, learn more about CPD courses for criminology and other online CPD programs like CPD for teachers and CPD for nurses that you can take from the nation’s pioneer in online learning.

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