Doctorate Degree

Doctorate Degree in Information Technology

Program Summary:

AMA Post Graduate’s PhD in Information Technology distance learning program is an intensive course that focuses on research and doctoral level course work. At the end of this Doctor of Information Technology online program, students will be expected to write a dissertation that will contribute new and pertinent knowledge towards the improvement of the field of Information Technology in the Philippines.
AMA Post Graduate’s main goal is to produce exemplary graduates through its PhD in Information Technology online program that will practice sound and ethical technopreneurship, offer insightful research to the community, and help develop the nation for the better.


AMA Post Graduate’s PhD in Information Technology distance learning program’s curriculum is based from the Policies and Standards (PS) for the graduate program of the Information Technology Education issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). To ensure we produce only globally competitive students who can further the field of Information Technology, we benchmark our curriculum from that of leading universities and institutions offering the same degree.

AMA Post Graduate online PhD program in Information Technology aims to produce graduates who are able to provide top-notch IT solutions for various organizations, can perform fundamental and high level research and development, and are able to engage in continuing professional development.


AMA Post Graduate makes it a point to connect our students with the best professionals in Information Technology.

Darrell Steward

Professor of Business Administration

Eleanor Pena

Professor of Business Administration

Samuel Nguyen

Professor of Business Administration

Admission Requirements:

Students interested in our PhD in Information Technology distance learning online program should register and fill up the interview form. The AMA Online Education Dean shall assess the information you have submitted and will then schedule an interview with you. Once you have completed the interview, fill up the online registration form for the student portal.
Once you have completed registration, you will need to log in through using the email address and password you provided. Select the program you wish to enroll in as the degree of choice. You will also need to upload the following to complete your application process to our Doctor of Information Technology online program:
  • Transcript of Records
  • Diploma
  • Birth Certificate
  • Two recommendation letters (for DBA and DIT applicants)
Once you’ve uploaded all the necessary documents in either JPEG, PDF, or PNG format, click submit and wait for the system to process the evaluation. The evaluation of credentials and activation of subjects for enrollment typically takes 24-48 hours. Once we have processed your application, you will receive an email from AMAOEd’s Course Administrator regarding the status of your evaluation.

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