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Online Doctorate Degree in Information Technology

Doctorate Degree in Information Technology Online Program Summary:

OEd Post Grad’s online Ph.D. in Information Technology is an intensive course that focuses on research and doctoral-level course work. Through this online Ph.D. information technology program, candidates will be exposed to crucial learnings on management and applications of IT to foster technological advancement in various settings – whether in private or government practice. At the end of this Doctor of Information Technology online program, students will be expected to write an original doctoral dissertation that will contribute new and pertinent knowledge towards the improvement of the field of Information Technology in the Philippines, which they will be expected to defend in front of an expert panel.

The main goal of this Doctor in Information Technology program is to produce exemplary graduates that will practice sound and ethical technopreneurship in the Philippines, offer insightful research to the community, and help develop the nation for the better.

Main Objectives in OEd Post Grad’s Online Doctorate in IT

OEd Post Grad’s online Ph.D. in Information Technology program aims to produce globally competitive computer educators and experts who will be professionally competent, morally upright, and socially responsible contributors to national development. Not only will candidates of OEd Post Grad’s online Doctor of Information Technology program become conduits for technological advancements, but also lead the way in shaping the future of information technology.

Specifically, in three to five years after a successful candidate graduates, online Doctor of Information Technology alumni shall:

  • Have advanced their career as top-level managers (executives) or leaders in the field of IT for the advancement of the Philippines.
  • Perform breakthroughs in information technology in science, healthcare, and other industries.
  • Continuously promote professionalism in the area of information technology.
  • Have demonstrated global competitiveness by building on best practices in their field.
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Online Ph.D. Information Technology Curriculum:

OEd Post Grad’s Doctor of Information Technology online program’s curriculum is based on the Policies and Standards (PS) for the graduate program of the Information Technology Education issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). To ensure we produce only globally competitive students who can further the field of Information Technology, we benchmark our curriculum from that of leading universities and institutions offering the same degree.

In addition to core courses centering on advanced information technology practice and design, OEd’s online Ph.D. in Information Technology offers two specialization tracks, depending on the industry that our candidates belong to and the end-goal that they have. Students can either focus on Database Technologies or on Web Technologies, where they will tackle advanced courses for implementation and application.

OEd Post Grad’s Doctor in Information Technology aims to produce graduates in the Philippines who can provide top-notch IT solutions for various organizations, can perform fundamental and high-level research and development, and are able to engage in continuing professional development.


AMA Post Graduate makes it a point to connect our students with the best professionals in Information Technology.
onlinepostgrad faculty

Darrell Steward

Professor of Business Administration
onlinepostgrad faculty

Eleanor Pena

Professor of Business Administration
onlinepostgrad faculty

Samuel Nguyen

Professor of Business Administration

Online Admission Process for Postgraduate Students



Student Applicants should register at Once registered, the mobile number (local) and email address should be verified. Log-in at using the email address and the temporary password sent via email. Update your profile including the Personal Information, and Educational Background.


Once updated, Go to Enrollment Tab and click the Add New Category, choose your preferred program then Provide scanned copies of the following requirements for initial evaluation:

-Transcript of Records
-Birth Certificate
-Application Form (please send it at [email protected])

 Two recommendation letters (for DBA and DIT applicants)  


Please be informed that original copies of these documents should be submitted within 90 days of enrollment. Including 2by2 photo with white background, Certified True Copy of Diploma, PSA Birth Certificate, Transcript of Records with Remarks: Copy for AMA University

The evaluation will take 24-48 hours. You will be notified by your OEd buddy about the result. Confirm the evaluation results of your online postgraduate admission and choose the subjects you wish to take, minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.


Once evaluated, you can proceed to the payment process by going to the Enrollment tab and click the View Assessment. Review the assessment and click Proceed to continue. Choose your preferred payment terms and mode of payment then select Pay.  Pay the exact amount using your preferred payment method and wait for the payment confirmation. Your subjects will be activated right after payment has been confirmed.



You can access your subject 24/7 in your MyLMS. We encourage you to check all the activated subjects to make sure that they are correct. To report any issues or concerns, please use the Post a Student Concern. 

Online Doctor of Information Technology Program FAQs

Yes, it is! Postgraduate degrees, no matter what kind, opens a multitude of opportunities. It gives the bearer a significant advantage over their peers when it comes to job hunting, makes them more likely to receive promotions, allows them to be eligible for higher wages, and gives them more credibility in their respective fields.

It takes an average of 2 and a half years to complete a Doctorate in Information Technology.

Yes, you can get a Doctor in Information Technology in the Philippines completely online! There’s no need for you to ever set foot in the OEd campus, not even to submit your application requirements nor for graduation. An online PhD in IT course is the same as a traditional course both in terms of curriculum and credits earned. Online degrees go through the same accreditation process from CHED as all the other traditional schools. The biggest difference between the two is the flexibility that comes with online learning.

Graduates of OEd’s online PhD in Information Technology degree typically find jobs in the corporate world as company executives, project management directors, information technology directors, or computer and research scientists. Some choose to enter the academe as postsecondary professors.

Tuitions fees greatly vary from school to school but generally, a Doctor in Information Technology degree in a traditional on-campus school can cost a student at least P100,000. Online degrees will cost significantly less because you won’t have to pay for expenses such as lab fees, library fees, clinic fees, and miscellaneous fees. This comes out to around P91,000 a year.

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