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Online Master’s Degree in Public Administration in the Philippines

Master’s Degree in Public Administration Summary

To cater to the demand for accessible online master’s degrees in the Philippines today, OEd PostGrad’s program now offers Master of Arts in Public Administration degrees. Crafted for current and future managers, leaders, and public servants, this online master’s degree will help individuals advance their careers in non-profit, government, environment, or healthcare organizations. Our online master’s in public administration in the Philippines puts a heavy emphasis on academic theory and practical skills to promote the ethical and lasting commitment to public service.

In this public administration master’s program, candidates will be equipped with essential theories, concepts, and analyses that will help them forge better and stronger management systems in real life. They will learn key procedures and skills in budgeting, legislation, and public development.

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership positions in public, non-profit, and healthcare organizations as well as have the skills needed to advance the state of knowledge in the field of public administration through scholarly and applied research.

Primary Objectives of OEd PostGrad’s Master of Arts in Public Administration

OEd PostGrad’s master’s in public administration is an online course that centers on providing administrators, managers, and public servants with the best foundation for public or private service. Whether they want to pursue careers in public service or governance, this online master’s degree in public administration in the Philippines will work as a stepping stone in enhancing their arsenal for faster career elevation.

The primary objectives of this MA in public administration are:

  • To enhance the capabilities of current or future public servants through essential theories and concepts in effective and efficient public service.
  • To strengthen management skills of individuals through evidence-based and experience-based knowledge from public service experts.
  • To facilitate the high-quality education of professionals and students so that they can critically analyze, make decisions, and solve public issues in their public services careers.
  • To allow candidates to learn how to clearly communicate and build a positive connection with communities that they are expected to lead.
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The master’s in public administration online program is designed to prepare students for careers in public, non-profit, environment, and healthcare organizations. To do this, we’ve crafted a rigorous curriculum that is set against the leading curricula in both local and international schools that offer the same program. Through OEd PostGrad’s master’s degree in public administration, students and present public servants can pursue high-quality education in an accessible and flexible stage that can further strengthen their career paths in public service.

Some of the core courses you will be taking in our MPA degree online include Human Resource Management, Politics and Policies, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, and Financial Management in Government. In addition, candidates enrolled in the MA in public administration will be given the chance to pursue specializations to better support their chosen career paths. These specializations include development project planning and implementation, public fiscal administration, and public policy development.


AMA Post Graduate is proud to connect our students with best professionals in Public Administration.
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Darrell Steward

Professor of Business Administration
onlinepostgrad faculty

Eleanor Pena

Professor of Business Administration
onlinepostgrad faculty

Samuel Nguyen

Professor of Business Administration

Online Admission Process for Postgraduate Students


Student Applicants should register at Once registered, the mobile number (local) and email address should be verified. Log-in at using the email address and the temporary password sent via email. Update your profile including the Personal Information, and Educational Background.


Once updated, Go to Enrollment Tab and click the Add New Category, choose your preferred program then Provide scanned copies of the following requirements for initial evaluation:

-Transcript of Records
-Birth Certificate
-Application Form (please send it at [email protected])

-Two recommendation letters (for DBA and DIT applicants)

Please be informed that original copies of these documents should be submitted within 90 days of enrollment. Including 2by2 photo with white background, Certified True Copy of Diploma, PSA Birth Certificate, Transcript of Records with Remarks: Copy for AMA University

The evaluation will take 24-48 hours. You will be notified by your OEd buddy about the result. Confirm the evaluation results of your online postgraduate admission and choose the subjects you wish to take, minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.


Once evaluated, you can proceed to the payment process by going to the Enrollment tab and click the View Assessment. Review the assessment and click Proceed to continue. Choose your preferred payment terms and mode of payment then select Pay. Pay the exact amount using your preferred payment method and wait for the payment confirmation. Your subjects will be activated right after payment has been confirmed.


You can access your subject 24/7 in your MyLMS. We encourage you to check all the activated subjects to make sure that they are correct. To report any issues or concerns, please use the Post a Student Concern. 

Online Masters in Public Administration FAQs

Definitely! With OEd PostGrad, you can make sure that you get high-quality education since the program is led by experts in the Philippines. Through the curriculum and learning from multiple experts in the field, you can get valuable skills and knowledge in public administration, policy making, and management with OEd PostGrad.

An online Master’s degree in Public Administration in the Philippines lasts between 2 to 2 and a half years for full-time online students. But part-time students may take a bit longer to complete this online program.

An online Master’s in Public Administration in the Philippines doesn’t require a specific undergraduate course. Graduates from any course or program can apply for this master’s degree in OEd.

OEd PostGrad requires you to submit three primary documents as proof of identity and educational background. Along with a duly accomplished application form for the MA degree in Public Administration , you will also be asked to send in your Transcript of Records, College Diploma, Birth Certificate.

Yes. There are numerous institutions around the Philippines who now offer master’s degrees online, including OEd PostGrad. Through this platform, you get the same curriculum and credits earned as when you take a master’s degree on campus. The only difference is you get maximum flexibility when it comes to scheduling and setting.

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