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Today’s job market is getting more and more fierce. To stand out from your competition, it simply isn’t enough anymore to have the standard four-year Bachelor’s Degree. The best way to edge out your competition and be a cut above the rest is by supplementing it with a post graduate degree. However, many professionals find it difficult to find the time to do so. Between juggling a career, a family, and other responsibilities of adulthood, it’s become near impossible to find the time to fit in a post graduate degree… until now!

AMA Post Grad is the first online university that offers a full flexible online program for professionals. Choose from a Master’s Degree, Doctorate DegreeCPD programs, and various short programs  all available online. Thanks to AMA Post Grad, professionals no longer have to let go of their current job in order to enroll in an online post graduate course. All of our courses are fully flexible meaning you can access them anywhere, anytime as long as you have stable internet connection.


For professionals who would like to pursue their studies and work at the same time, we are the Go-to for flexible distance education with established expertise in the field of online education since 2015. Unlike the other competitors, we value the students by providing the best customer service while giving them the best advice on how to finish their studies as fast as possible. The 24/7 platform accessibility liberates the students to manage their time and learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

By investing in a postgraduate degree, you are:

Improving your career perspectives

Today, Bachelor’s Degrees may not be enough to stand out in your job application or workplace. Postgraduate degrees and continuing learning gives you a competitive edge over your fellow job applicants or colleagues applying for the same role.

Boosting your financial prospects

Employees who’ve completed further education have been found to have higher pays than those with just a Bachelor’s Degree. In fact, according to Financial Philippines, employees with a postgraduate degree have a 73% higher salary as compared to those with just a Bachelor’s Degree.

Change in your
career field

Maybe the career you have isn’t right for you or the degree you’ve obtained doesn’t allow you to progress into the field you’re currently interested in. If you’ve always wanted to shift careers, enrolling in a post graduate degree is the perfect avenue to do so.

Investing in your own personal development

Enrolling in a postgraduate degree is a fulfilling endeavor. You’ll be able to gain new skills such as time management, researching, and presentation skills which you can use well beyond your 9-5 job. For many, simply studying and learning about things they are already passionate about is rewarding and fulfilling in and of itself.

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