Is a Master’s in Computer Science Worth it for You?

Computer science is arguably one of the fastest-evolving industries today. It is also a lucrative and competitive one, which is likely why many people are shifting to a career in computer science.

Whether you are planning to shift or advance your career in computer science, getting quality education can help you stand out from the competition.

If you are still on the fence about studying again, let’s talk about why a Master’s in Computer Science may be the right choice for you.


What is a Master’s in Computer Science?

Computer Science, in general, focuses on the study of computers and their applications in the world. A Master’s program in Computer Science, on the one hand, provides one with an elevated perspective on the principles of computing, programming, software engineering, hardware design, and artificial intelligence.

This degree is often compared with a Master’s in Information Technology, which, in turn, focuses on the creation and maintenance of computer systems and troubleshooting users’ problems. In contrast, a Master’s in Computer Science addresses users’ needs by improving or creating new software.

That being said, if you are interested in learning about computer programming, web development, and software development, then the Master’s in Computer Science is for you.

What Skills Will You Gain with a Master’s in Computer Science?

As a field of engineering, courses in Computer Science master’s programs are rooted in mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, and linguistics. With these computer and technology courses, however, you will gain valuable skills, such as:

  • Computer Programming
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Applications development
  • Programming frameworks
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Advanced computer organization
  • Data and software security
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Performance evaluations
  • Software engineering

OEd Postgrad’s MS in Computer Science curriculum is designed to make graduates standout from tough competition.

Is Getting a Master’s Degree in Computer Science Worth It?

Considering the costs and effort it takes to return to studying, many professionals wonder: “Is a Master’s degree in Computer Science worth it?”

To help you answer this pertinent question, here are some of the benefits of pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science:

Be Part of a Growing Industry

The tech industry is continuously growing, and as new technologies emerge, it will likely continue expanding. This means more job opportunities and greater career stability for tech professionals.

With that said, an MS in Computer Science would be an advantage for anyone who wishes to work in tech. Tech professionals can expand their competencies so they can thrive in this fast-changing field. Meanwhile, this is a great way for non-tech professionals to penetrate such a competitive industry.

Gain Technical Competencies

Tech professionals need to keep up with new technological developments. To do this, you may take certification courses for specific skills, but a master’s degree will give you more solid foundation for navigating innovations.

Pursuing a master’s degree will help you learn new skills and gain specialized skills that will make you more valuable to your organization. Additionally, it will show your dedication to life-long learning.

Better Job Opportunities

One of the top reasons people pursue post-graduate studies is to get better job opportunities. This applies to both tech and non-tech professionals.

For non-tech professionals, joining the tech industry could mean better opportunities that may not be available in their previous profession.

However, if you have been in tech, a master’s degree could help you get promoted to a mid-level or senior position.

Enjoy Financial Benefits

Organizations tend to reward individuals who expand their competencies. With your new knowledge, you can give more valuable contributions to any organization. And with better job opportunities, master’s degree holders have a higher chance of receiving higher salaries.

Whether it’s from landing a tech job with better offers or getting a promotion, your investment in your education could bring higher returns. This is a major consideration that makes a Master’s in Computer Science worth it.

Be Ready for Doctoral Studies

If you have high ambitions, you could consider a master’s degree as a steppingstone to newer heights. Individuals who wish to pursue leadership positions may also be required to pursue a doctorate degree in Computer Science, for which a master’s degree is a requirement.

This essentially helps prepare you for the more advanced courses of doctorate programs in Computer Science so you can excel and achieve your goals.

What Jobs You Can Get with a Master’s in Computer Science?

A Master’s in Computer Science in the Philippines is bound to open lots of doors for you. While there are plenty of opportunities within the tech industry, companies in almost any other field also seek Computer Science professionals. Here are some of the roles you can pursue with an MS in Computer Science:

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers design and test computer systems, such as circuit boards, networks, and processors. In this profession, you will be at the forefront of the development of new technologies. 

Software Developer

In software development, you create comprehensive diagrams to make software applications work.

Senior DevOps Engineer

In this role, you will be testing and analyzing code, creating development infrastructures and tools, as well as monitoring processes in the software development life cycle.

Computer Network Architect

As a computer network architect, you will work with data and communication plans for large or small networks. You need to understand the security needs of your organizations and manage them accordingly.

Computer Research Scientist

Computer Research Scientists are at the core of technological developments. You will research and find new ways to solve complex problems using software systems.

Master Data Analyst

As a master data analyst, you will collect, process, organize, and interpret large sets of data that can help the organization with business decisions.

Computer Systems Analyst

When you hold a senior role as a computer systems analyst, you will consult with clients, analyze costs and benefits, oversee installations, test systems, and evaluate new technologies for organizations.

Management Information System Manager

Getting a Master’s degree in Computer Science is a good idea if you want to hold managerial positions. The MIS manager, for instance, is responsible for protecting and managing databases. You will oversee other IT professionals in this role.

Cybersecurity Manager

The cybersecurity manager plans and implements security measures to protect information systems. You will develop and establish network security procedures and policies for your organization.

Machine Learning Engineer

As a machine learning engineer, you will combine your knowledge of data science and software engineering to develop automated programs for various purposes.

Computer Science Professor

With a Master’s in Computer Science, you will be qualified to teach undergraduate courses related to software, computers, and technology in general.

Achieve Your Career Goals with OEd PostGrad

masters in computer science

Is a Master’s in Computer Science worth it? With the plethora of learning and job opportunities it can bring about, it should be worth your while. Ultimately, however, this will depend on you and whether the benefits align with your career goals.

Thrive in a competitive industry like Computer Science with a high-quality postgraduate education from OEd PostGrad.

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