Discover How Much PhD Students Make with Their Education!

It is no secret that raising the bar of your education can unlock career opportunities—but did you know that they could also raise your overall market value? Doctorate degree salaries are some of the most promising and lucrative reasons for professionals to look into pursuing doctoral programs online or offline. Aside from the fact that they grant you more credibility and valuable knowledge for bettering your practice, studying an online PhD in Information Technology, or Business among many other choices can be a way to improve your quality of life and secure a doctorate degree salary to support yourself and your family.

If you are a professional that has been contemplating on raising your market value and making yourself eligible for a PhD salary, then this article is the perfect read for you. Read on and find out how much PhD students make, and how you can earn those numbers for yourself too!

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How Much Do PhD Students Get Paid?

While there is no denying the promise that a PhD can give to any working professional, the short answer to this question is that it simply varies. It can differ from job to job, and will often take into account other factors like where you live, the length of your work experience, and your past performance in your current company or field.

There are jobs that require a doctorate degree that can offer hefty salary and compensation packages only if your PhD is accomplished. On the other hand, there are existing jobs that can be taken up without the degree. However, your compensation can drastically increase into that of a PhD salary once you finish your doctorate degree. This is not accounting for the influx of opportunities and heightened credibility that you are likely to experience.

While the number certainly varies on a case-to-case basis, we detail some figures on how much PhD students get paid per career or industry. They may not be exact, but they can definitely be indicative of the potential returns you will get should you invest your time and money into further education. Find out how much a PhD makes, as well as which of the following MBAs best suits your work experience. Scroll below for a doctorate degree that raises your reputation while meeting your financial goals!

Doctor of Business Administration

Average Salary: PHP 708K

Graduates of a Doctor of Business Administration program in the Philippines can enjoy the wide range of applications that their postgraduate degree can give them. From working corporate jobs to managing projects in creative agencies, a graduate of this program can enjoy an average PhD salary exceeding half a million yearly. DBA holders are some of the most desired within any job landscape, because of their excellent business acumen and potential to make calculated decisions for successful operations.

Doctor of Information Technology

Average Salary: PHP 6.8M (US Salaries)

Graduates of a Doctorate in Information Technology can reap the mostsuccess abroad with an average yearly salary of USD 130K. With today’s professional landscape built to be a digital jungle, experts in Information Technology have a lot to offer to any workplace they so choose to join.

If you are wondering how much PhD students make, specifically a doctorate in IT, it can definitely vary depending on your duties and specializations. Companies would usually pay a premium for PhD IT graduates that answer a need that they have within their workplace. From being a master of data security to overseeing streamlined IT processes for multinationals, having a PhD in this degree makes you more likely to be chosen for executive positions and eligible for a higher PhD salary level and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About PhD Salaries

Assessing your readiness to pursue the degree needed for a PhD salary requires serious thought. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about doctorate degree salaries.

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Is a PhD Salary Worth the Effort of Pursuing Further Education?

While we may believe in the potential that a doctorate degree salary may hold in improving your quality of life, we also know that committing time and finances can take a bit of risk and investment especially when balancing it with other responsibilities like a full-time job. However, taking the risk can come a bit easier if you pursue your PhD with a format that is more flexible. Online doctorate degrees are more sustainable and far easier to balance, so you won’t have to trade away an existing career simply to build it up.

Is it Inappropriate to Ask Employers How Much They Pay PhD Students?

While it is alright to ask about your compensation during your interviews, generally it is better to do your research in advance regarding salary specifications—including how much a doctorate degree can elevate your salary from the base pay that a candidate without your PhD may have. There are plenty of resources online so feel free to exhaust them!

Aside from a PhD Salary, can a PhD also Unlock Career Progression for Me?

Sometimes, money is not the only point for consideration. At times, it is the desire for growth and progression. With a heftier PhD salary also comes opportunities to secure a higher position in companies both within and outside of the Philippines. If you have been on the lookout for growth and promotions but feel that you have plateaued in your career, give a doctorate degree a shot and see if it’s the only thing you have been missing to get that much needed boost.

We hope that you enjoyed this article on how much PhD students can make after finishing their degree, as well as the opportunities that they can experience if they take the plunge. If you are on the lookout for flexible and sustainable PhD programs, simply reach out to us for your inquiries!

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