Explore Jobs that Require a PhD and their Benefits!

Working in a fulfilling career is a blessing that many should strive for. Enduring the daily grind beyond the need to provide for your basic necessities is something most young professionals hope to achieve one day. One way to break out of your day to day is to explore career opportunities in jobs that require a doctorate degree. 

Why should I take a doctorate degree?

Making a decision to pursue further studies is never an easy one. A doctorate degree entails a lot of hard work. Between the necessary work experience, taking on an additional workload on top of your day job takes up precious free time that you could be using to catch up on sleep or go out with friends. But this kind of sacrifice also guarantees a benefit of equivalent exchange. Doctorate degree careers provide a wide range of benefits that go beyond those of your typical 9 to 5.

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Higher Salaries

Due to the specialized skills and knowledge that a doctorate degree job entails, having a PhD under your belt also translates into higher potential salary. While the roles themselves do typically require a higher level of technical ability, this also provides an opportunity for working professionals to lead a more comfortable and fruitful lifestyle outside of their jobs.

Industry Authority

Working a job that requires a PhD lends a certain level of gravitas to your name, especially in your respective industry. You instantly become more credible in the eyes of your peers, clients, and business contacts due to your furthered education and industry expertise. This can be particularly useful if you have long dreamed of making meaningful contributions to your field by way of developments and advancements, or even by becoming a voice of counsel to newcomers in your industry as a professional consultant.

Greater Job Opportunities

By securing your PhD, you gain access to a whole other world of opportunities by way of jobs that require a doctorate degree. Because of your industry expertise, you will find that new doors will be opened for you, both locally and internationally. A doctorate degree is a great way to kickstart a new chapter in both your professional and personal life because of its potential to take you places that you may have never imagined for your career.

In this article, we want to show you a few possible career paths for you to take if you decide to take the plunge with a PhD. Discover jobs that require a doctorate degree and maybe you will find the next step to a fulfilling career that you have been waiting for!

Possible Careers You Can Take with a Doctorate Degree

1. Professor

Have you ever fancied yourself as an educator but didn’t take education as a major? Don’t fret. A college or university professor is one of the most commonly available jobs that require a doctorate degree. It is also a rewarding career path if you have ever wanted to pay it forward by teaching students who hope to lead successful careers in the same industry as you. Whether you wish to sideline by taking on a position as a part-time professor on top of your full-time job, or you wish to commit to your teaching role with a full-time post, being an educator in a prestigious university will afford you a break from the typical corporate grind as well as a chance to nurture the nation’s future leaders and professionals. The best part is that there is no strict prerequisite when it comes to which doctorate degree you finished, so long as it fits the subject which you will be teaching. An online PhD in Business Administration is a flexible PhD that gives you valuable industry expertise in any business arena you tackle in your day to day, while also giving you the knowledge you need to teach business-minded students.

Depending on the university as well as the kind of post you apply for, a college professor’s monthly salary can range from Php 33,575 as an assistant professor, to up to Php 161,231 as a full-fledged professor. On the other hand, average base pay evens out at Php 27,000 for most Metro Manila professors as per Glassdoor, with an additional cash compensation between Php 25,000 to Php 42,000 based on variable factors like student count, class days, and number of units.

2. Computer Engineer

In today’s data-driven world, it is almost a given that employees are required to have even a basic understanding of computer and data management. However, computer engineers are expected to have even the hardest and most complicated of PC processes down. Computer engineers are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge programs and technologies for the betterment of daily life. Because of this, most computer engineering hopefuls are expected to have finished doctorate degrees in computer science and computer engineering, to name a few options. Because computer engineers handle major technological outputs like essential computer programs and groundbreaking software for industry giants like Google, Microsoft, Intel, and even online retail platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Ebay, and Amazon, a high level of technical skill and industry know-how is required from job-seeking candidates.

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This role is perfect for working professionals who are passionate about technological progress and advancing existing computer programs in order to provide innovative solutions to both major enterprises and everyday life. If you are looking to pursue computer engineer even if it is a job that needs a PhD in order to practice the profession, you can take this online PhD in Information Technology for a flexible program that you can balance with your current day job.

Computer Engineers can expect to make higher salaries working for major global firms overseas due to more globally competitive wage standards. However, they can also benefit from this program even if they are locally employed, as it can give valuable work opportunities in multinational firms and organizations that have established a base of operations in the Philippines. Intermediate-level computer engineers in the country can make up to Php 5.6 million depending on their area of expertise and the company they work for.

3. Chief Economist

If you think of yourself as a business-minded individual with a penchant for understanding and interpreting the deeper meaning behind the numbers on an annual report or chart, you may find yourself on the path to becoming a successful Chief Economist, especially if you have a PhD under your belt. Chief economists can make good use of quantitative reports, using them to interpret valuable market and economic data which can serve to boost sales or revive a nation’s economy depending on what kind of practice you are aiming for. A chief economist is one of the most rewarding and lucrative jobs that require a doctorate degree due to its capability to cause progress on a large scale such as for a company or for a nation’s progress. Professionals in this field can use these numbers to make actionable strategies that can deliver concrete results.

Whether you are gearing up to be an economist in a firm’s private practice by strategizing, or you wish to spearhead national development by reviving the market or proposing valuable economic policies, a PhD in Economics or Business Administration may aid your quest in fulfilling that dream. Individuals in this profession can expect to make an average of Php 89,450 per month according to Indeed, making this a highly-valuable career path when it comes to pursuing your financial goals and living a comfortable lifestyle.

Whatever specialization you have in mind and whether you see yourself working in any of these roles, there is no doubt that working on getting a PhD for yourself is a great way to advance your career. Open the door to doctorate degree careers by exploring doctorate degrees today!

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