Where Can Your MA Take Your Career? Different Job Opportunities in Public Administration

As you progress further into your career, you’ll start to notice that there are key decision-makers in each organization. These decision-makers have a higher level of understanding of the intricacies of the industry. Public administrators are equipped to confront various issues in different sectors ranging from government, private, to nonprofit, making them capable leaders no matter where they’re assigned.

The career opportunities in public administration are many and for those in possession of a master’s degree, the possibilities multiply exponentially. 


What is Public Administration?

Managing a business effectively will require a leader who has a global perspective. A public administrator is a visionary with the right managerial skills who aim to uplift their community.

While this career may seem like it’s limited to just government organizations, the basic tenets of public administration can easily be applied to any industry.

Why Take a Master’s Degree in Public Administration?

Taking a master’s degree in public administration is more than just a boost to your career, the skills you’ll learn will be invaluable to the community you’ll be handling.

A master’s in public administration will teach you academic theories that can be applied to any setting. Essential concepts that leaders need to know will be honed through experience-based learning.

Careers in public administration will require professionals to have an extensive vocabulary and clear communication skills to build a lasting relationship with the community.

Aside from the skills we’ve mentioned above, public administration students are required to take classes on the following topics:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Politics and Policies
  • Theory and Principle in Public Administration
  • Financial Management in Government
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Public Administration
  • Philippine Economics Policy
  • Thesis Writing

Master’s degree graduates in public administration are also asked to specialize in certain fields like planning and implementation, public fiscal administration, and public policy development.

Job opportunities for master’s in public administration degree holders are diverse because of the knowledge they possess on policies, strategies, and administration. So, if you have a passion for improving the welfare of others, then this course is for you. 

Careers in Public Administration

Getting a degree in public administration isn’t just for those seeking to work in the government. The concepts you learn in this degree can easily be applied to different jobs.

We’ve listed below some careers opportunities public administration graduates can have:



Whether it’s in your local or national government, you can become a politician representing your area. A degree in public administration can help you perform your job of caring for the masses, and properly utilizing resources effectively.


The private sector brings in consultants whenever they need an expert who has the right management expertise to solve their problems. Companies often keep consultants on retainers to have them on-call for any strategic decisions for the company.


Becoming a professor can be a job that requires a master’s degree, depending on the institution you’re applying for. Having a degree in public administration will allow you to scrutinize the works of your students on the topic and guide them in their growth as young professionals.

Should you want to pursue further research for your field of study, the academe can also help you with your goals.

Fundraising Coordinator

Your skills in budgeting and communications can come in handy when organizing fundraising events for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising coordinators develop a fundraising plan and execute it according to the goals they’ve set.

This taxing job will bank on the professional’s time management, communication, and organizational skills.

Public Affairs Director

Public affairs directors monitor trends and assess the impact of policies regarding their company and communicate it with the public. These professionals utilize different media channels to get their message across to the public. They also build lasting relationships with stakeholders and work with various offices that are relevant to their business.

Political Advisor

If you’re not looking to get into politics yourself but you have the savviness for it, you can lend your skills to a politician who you believe in.

Your knowledge of public policies, financial management, and public administration can greatly help your supported candidate in their job.

Humanitarian Affairs Officer

A humanitarian affairs officer constantly assesses emergencies and humanitarian issues and sends in their reports to their institution. Humanitarian affairs officers will need to have excellent communication skills to address the community in a professional and empathetic manner. This job will require you to give your advice on policy issues and stay updated on key events relating to your profession.

Your background in financial management will also come in handy for this job because you’ll need to oversee the expenditure and budgeting of donor contributions.


The opportunity to become a journalist is open for public administration graduates. Persuasive communication skills and foreseeing trends are basic requirements for the job that you already have. In addition to having these, your familiarity with different government policies and intense research background is exactly what this profession requires.

As a journalist, you won’t be limited to just writing about one topic. You can write about various developments that the country is going through using the frameworks you’ve learned in school.

Getting your MA in Public Administration with OEd

We hope that you learned about the various career options you can have with a master’s in public administration. Your commitment to empowering others and gaining the charisma to do so will serve you well in this course.

However, going back to learning can take up a considerable amount of your time if you need to be physically present at school. Consider an online master’s program to help you reach your goals of public service. Not only will you have the time to learn the essential concepts of leadership, but you’ll also have enough time to practice them.

OEd’s Online PostGrad platform provides you with the option to pursue your studies at your own learning pace. You can customize your study plan according to your interests and available time, making it a flexible learning tool for you.

Reach out to us today and jumpstart your career in public administration.

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