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While achieving an undergraduate degree is an impressive achievement, completing a PhD program demands for a great deal of time and unwavering commitment. For many working professionals, pursuing further studies can feel impossible. With a day job, responsibilities at home, and academic workload to manage altogether, it can feel that way. But as they say, when there is a will, there is a way. Regardless of whether or not you are decided on following through with your plans of post graduate studies, there are pros and cons worth considering for either side. If you are still on the fence but want to follow through with your dreams of pursuing a PhD degree, read on and decide what choice is best for you based on these three things to consider!

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Time Management

For most Filipinos entertaining the thought of pursuing a PhD, their studies are an additional endeavor on top of their usual 9 to 5. On top of the considerations and responsibilities that already come with the daily grind, finishing your corporate work and completing your class’s requirements such as research papers and dissertations will require a lot of your time and energy. If the prospect of managing your time alone already has you reeling, then this may be your first sign to put off your post graduate plans for the mean time. However, if you feel that you can rise to the challenge and manage your time, pursuing a PhD ON TOP of your job is very possible! Explore decisions that will allow you to take better control of your time, such as taking on a consultation job instead of a full-time position.

Still worried about the time? Try a Distance Learning PhD.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional physical schooling. Exploring distance learning PhD programs in the Philippines is always an option, and one that allows you to pursue further studies without having to make too many adjustments and work around a flexible schedule.


Finances play a big part when deciding to pursue further studies. Pursuing post-grad education is no easy journey and the cost of pushing through with your PhD has to be accounted for. Can your current savings and salary handle the cost of pursuing this degree? Are there additional materials such as books and programs that needs to be purchased to accomplish your research and assignments? Your financial readiness to undertake your PhD must be considered when deciding the right time, and there is no shame in delaying those plans if you think you aren’t ready to make that financial commitment just yet.

Cost Still Getting You Down?

Do your research regarding the different program options available on the market. Some online PhD programs in the Philippines already include most if not all the necessary tools and resources into the cost of the course in a digital format, meaning no additional expenses for books and other materials throughout your studies. Their digital format also allows you to be highly mobile as a student, with the opportunity to save costs and get valuable work done from wherever you may be.

Program Choice

One of the major advantages of honing your craft through additional studies are the bountiful opportunities that can open up to you for career advancement and field specialization. The skills and knowledge you acquire from your PhD immediately make you a more competent professional in your field. This can translate into many workplace advantages, such as being assigned higher value projects, boosting your confidence when negotiating for your salary, and giving you a priceless edge when it comes to being a competitive player in your industry.

Unsure of Which Online PhD Programs in the Philippines Can Give You an Edge?

You’re not alone! Many professionals go through the same feeling when selecting a track for their post-graduate studies. Our advice is to get more experience and play it by ear based on what skills are valued in your career path or which skills will help you specialize in your field. An online PhD in Information Technology would be a valuable program for any hopeful technophile looking to succeed and become an authority in an industry as competitive as corporate IT. On the other hand, a business, economics, or entrepreneurship graduate may benefit from pursuing an online PhD in Business Administration to learn the ropes of successful business operation: from running the numbers and translating them to their team to being the leader that their team needs to grow. For individuals who have flourished in a corporate setting, choosing to study a DBA can be the final feather in your hat that you need to be considered for a promotion you have been eyeing for a long time. At the end of the day, it is all about reviewing your goals and choosing a program that can help you get there.

With these three factors in mind, you can gauge whether it’s the right time to take your education to the next level. Take your time, gain experience, and assess how ready you are. If you are determined to reap the benefits that a PhD can give you, you will get it done.

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