What Will My Life After PhD Look Like?

Attaining a Doctorate in your field of study is a statement of your commitment to improving your profession and yourself. However, it also means that you’ve reached the top of the academic learning ladder. Hitting the ceiling in any responsibility can lead to some questions about what the next step is for you, which is why making a career plan after your PhD can guide you in attaining your goals.

A PhD is a worthy achievement, but if you don’t know why you should study for a postgraduate degree then this article was made to answer just that by telling you what your life after PhD could look like. Keep reading to learn more about your career options!

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What Can I Do with My PhD?

Having an additional educational attainment under your belt can expand your career’s horizons. A person with a PhD is known to have dedicated years of their life in research to further their industry, making them a leader in their field of study. Statistics also show that only 0.9% of PhD holders are unemployed, this proves that doctorate holders are highly employable individuals.

Because of the expertise of PhD holders, they stand to gain an increase in monetary compensation. Aside from the increased earning potential, the skills they’ve learned in school can help them attain higher positions at work and unlock new opportunities for their career.

What to Do After Earning a PhD?

Setting a plan for what’s next after getting your PhD will help you set expectations for the road ahead. Whether you’d like to dedicate your life to molding young minds as part of the academe or you want to continue down the path of serving your country, the options available to you will be many.


Your professors and mentors during your PhD program will likely have PhDs backed with years of experience in the academe. Getting your doctorate can allow you to work in the academic field as a professor. Depending on your goals and the vacancies available in your institution, you can work either part-time or full-time.

Should you have the right amount of experience, credentials, and drive, you can even start charting your path to becoming a dean of the institution.

Of course, if you don’t want to pursue a career in teaching, you can still stay within the academic industry as a writer for their researchers. It’s not easy to translate technical knowledge into layman’s terms and as a writer for researchers, you can make use of your technical knowledge as well as your communication skills to effectively communicate the data to the masses. 


The government is always in need of talented professionals who can help them in their goals of bettering society. If you feel that your PhD can do some good for others and your research proves that you can apply for a job in a government department that can benefit from your expertise.

Working for the government isn’t just limited to working in its various departments, you can also work for a politician as part of their advising team.

Private Sector

Employment in your own industry is another option to consider. Employers are usually on the lookout for qualified candidates who can bring value to their company. With the technical industry knowledge you possess, and your refined skills in management, critical thinking, and communications you’ll be a top candidate at any firm you apply to.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

There are numerous NGOs that are looking for qualified candidates to help them in their mission to serve mankind. You can lend them your expertise and give insightful feedback on their performance.

You can look for an NGO that’s in line with what you believe in and see if you can offer your services to them. Depending on the PhD that you hold, you can be assigned to a department where you can do your best work.


If a full-time position in the private sector isn’t for you, you can come in as a consultant. Becoming a consultant will enable you to solve a business’s problems as an external contractor.

You can also join a management consulting firm to help you with your goal of becoming a consultant. Management consulting firms are always searching for top talents who they can add to their roster of experts. Consultancy firms value each person’s contribution because they know that to effectively solve a problem, they’ll need multiple minds to ensure that it’s foolproof.

For example, if you have an online PhD in Information Technology, you might be tasked with evaluating a company’s expenses and data management practices, then giving your recommendations for improvement.

Becoming a consultant will expose you to problems that will need you to tap into your different skill sets; it’ll also require you to be updated on your industry’s trends.


Earning a PhD degree means that you’re well acquainted with the intricacies of your field of study and know how to confront technical problems should they arise.

You don’t need an online PhD in Business Administration to establish a successful business. The soft skills you’ve acquired throughout your career and studies can be enough to pave the way for a successful business. However, if you can see that you’re weak in certain departments like finance or human resources, you can partner up with someone who can balance out your weaknesses.

life after phd

Is Getting a PhD Worth It?

The question of whether a PhD degree is worth it or not will get varying answers, but at the end of the day, it’s your opinion that matters. If you feel that pursuing further studies can help you with your personal goals, then it’s a good investment. Forecasting your career’s trajectory and making a list of what you want to get out of your PhD will help you stay on track while you’re in school.

A doctorate can open a lot of doors for you, and it can even give you the opportunity to make a lasting impact on your field. You’ll be poised at the forefront of your industry as a subject matter expert and innovator.

Attending school will also give you a space to network with your colleagues from all over the country. The connections you’ve created can also alert you of new opportunities in the industry because they can refer you to openings that you’re qualified for.

In addition to the benefits above, you’ll also practice your people skills at school. Communication, leadership, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills can easily be adapted to any industry you decide to go into. Specialized industry knowledge can help you get inside the trade, but your soft skills are what will help you climb the ranks.

Getting Started on Your Doctorate with OEd

We hope that we’ve answered your questions as to how a PhD can change your life. Pursuing a doctorate may be a hard undertaking, but the possibilities that open will be worth the effort.

If you’re ready to commit to further studies and diversify the opportunities available to you, you can count on OED PostGrad to help you reach your goals. OEd PostGrad provides a PhD Online learning platform for professionals seeking higher education with a flexible learning environment.

Reach out to us today and see how we can help you can broaden your horizons.

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