Why is Getting an MPA Worth it for Public Service Professionals?

A master’s degree allows you to level up your knowledge, and with that, grow your career. For a public servant who tackles complex societal issues, an MA in Public Administration is an opportunity to enrich your skills so you can become a better leader.

It’s common among public administration professionals to pursue post-graduate degrees. However, it is a major investment—of your time, money, and energy—so, it’s only fair to ask, “Is a Master’s in Public Administration worth it?”

In this article, we talk about what an MPA is all about and the potential benefits of pursuing one at OEd PostGrad. 


What is a Master’s in Public Administration?

A Master’s program in Public Administration is a postgraduate program catered to individuals working in non-profit, government, healthcare, or environmental organizations. This program will explore theories and concepts that will prepare you for future management or leadership roles in public service.

In the Philippines, a Master of Arts in Public Administration offers a balance between academic theory and practical skills. This helps graduates analyze the roots of different issues faced by the country and, consequently, find appropriate solutions to them.

How does an MPA differ from an MBA?

Many public administration individuals often choose between an MPA vs MBA. These two programs are similar in that they equip graduates with management and leadership skills.

Indeed, both may be beneficial for someone working in public service.

However, an MPA is geared toward public service so it’s more suitable for those who wish to work in government and non-government or non-profit organizations. Meanwhile, an MBA is crafted for future leaders who will manage teams in corporate organizations.

What Skills Will You Gain with an MPA?

Grad school will build on your professional experience, giving you more extensive competencies as a public servant. These are the skills you can gain in our program, and what makes a Master’s in Public Administration worth it:

Human Resource Management

Learn to maintain teams for projects or entire departments to ensure high morale and good performance. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Gain a strong grasp of microeconomics to formulate better strategies for projects.

Theory and Principle in Public Administration

Understand the structures and functions of Public Administration as a profession to inform approaches to societal issues.

Financial Management

Learn effective ways to manage budgets for projects, departments, or organizations to ensure effective implementation.

Public Policy Analysis

Learn the processes of creating new laws, how they change over time, and how they impact communities. A strong background in public policy helps professionals find comprehensive responses to societal issues.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Public Administration

Applies research methods to the complex nature of societal issues addressed in Public Administration. The ability to conduct scientifically sound research in the success of any project.

Philippine Economics Policy

Understand the history and evolution of economics policies in the Philippines and how they impact different sectors.

Review OEd Postgrad’s curriculum for a comprehensive list of the courses under Master’s in Public Administration.

What Jobs Can You Pursue with an MPA?

An MPA will affect the trajectory of your career, and in turn, your future. Jump from being a research associate or a program assistant to more challenging, impactful roles. These are a few of the careers in public administration that an MPA holder can pursue.

  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Humanitarian Affairs Officer
  • Public Affairs Director
  • Consultant
  • Politician
  • Political Advisor
  • Journalist
  • Professor

You can leverage your MPA to find opportunities that will advance your goals as a public servant.

Is Getting an MPA Worth It?

People pursue a Master of Arts in Public Administration for different reasons.

Some who have been in public service pursue a postgraduate degree to further their career, which in turn, allows them to be better public servants. Others take up an MA to complement their advanced degrees in related fields so they can follow their newfound passion for public administration.

Regardless of your situation, an MPA offers relevant skills that could help you be a good public administration professional.

Here are some reasons that make this program worthwhile for others:

Contribute to the Public Good

Are you one of the few who want to make the world a better place? An MPA equips you with the skills that allow you to address societal issues better. You’ll learn how to analyze the root causes of these issues, find feasible solutions, and implement them.

With this degree, you can make a difference in public policy, especially as you start to hold higher positions with more decision-making power.

Gain a Rewarding Career

Whether you’ve been working in public administration or shifting your career, there is no doubt that this degree will open opportunities for a rewarding future that contributes to the betterment of the country.

With this degree, you can work in your choice of government agencies or non-profit organizations. And upon learning more specialized skills, you can have a more substantial impact on the country.

Advance Your Career in Public Service

If you followed your passion for public service and have been working as a public administration professional, a master’s degree can help advance your career.

Gain the qualifications that organizations typically require for promotions. You can shed light on advocacies you believe in once you start moving up the ladder in your organization.

Gain a Broad Range of Skills and Breadth of Knowledge

The Master’s program in Public Administration will expose you to a wide range of topics, such as courses in management, human resources, law, government administration, finance, public health, and so on.

These will turn you into a well-rounded public administrator who can tackle the multi-faceted issues of any community.

Flexible Career Options

With an MPA, you can work in government—local or national—and various types of NGOs. The skills you will gain along with your diploma will be valuable in different areas, including leadership roles.

One of the main reasons a Master’s in Public Administration is worth it is the opportunities that come and allow individuals to direct their careers—whether they want to specialize further or apply for a leadership role.

Improve Your Financial Status

While many public administration professionals find fulfillment in their work’s impact on a community, it helps to know that an MPA can help increase your salary as well.

MPA holders could see an increase in their salary, especially if they leverage it to get a higher position. With that said, the impact of your MPA on your salary will primarily depend on you.

Why Get Your MPA at OEd?


With all the wonderful advantages that it can bring about, pursuing an MPA may be a great next step for anyone who wants to have a greater impact on society. It may not be a walk in the park, but an MPA degree is worth it.

With OEd’s Online PostGrad, you can pursue your master’s degree without stepping away from your professional responsibilities. Attend classes only when you’re free and learn at your own pace.

Effect greater change with an MPA. Get started with the Philippines’ premier online learning institution today.

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