Leveling Up Your Career: Is a PhD in Information Technology Worth It?

The tech industry is evolving at such a swift pace that constantly updating your knowledge is no longer enough. To stay ahead of your trade, you need to show you are a versatile professional who can lead a team.

Set yourself apart from your colleagues by enrolling in a program that will give you a competitive edge in management and technical skills. This blog dives into the advantages of a PhD in Information Technology and how it can take your career to the next level.

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Benefits of a Doctorate in IT

As the tech industry grows, so does the need for capable information technologists. By choosing to pursue higher education, you open a lot of doors to further your career, be a pioneer, and increase your earning potential.  

We’ve listed down some advantages of having a PhD in Information Technology and why you should consider taking up this program.

Career Advancement

You can get a boost in your career by pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Information Technology. This is because a PhD will give you access to a focused environment where you can hone your technical and management skills.

By learning how to lead your team forward and the effective use of project management tools, like Scrum and Agile, you’re poised to take a higher position in your organization.

Technical Knowledge

Doctorate programs offer several coursework that will help you further develop your technical skills in Information Technology. You’ll learn how to analyze database systems, engineer software, and tech and project management.

By improving your skillset through higher education, you’re given the chance to be at the forefront of your industry.

Subject Credibility

By expanding your understanding of Information Technology and attaining a PhD, you solidify your expertise in the field. This credential will show prospective employers and businesses that you are a subject matter expert in the industry and that you’ve put in the time and effort for it.

Financial Benefits

One of the benefits of studying information technology at the doctorate level is that you’re sure to be compensated accordingly for your technical expertise. In fact, a study conducted by JobStreet in 2021 shows that the Computer & IT industry are the highest earners with regard to their job level and specialization.

For example, Senior Managers from the IT industry have a median salary of Php 175,000. Making it one of the most lucrative positions in the Philippines.

Personal Achievement

The pride and fulfillment that you get after earning a PhD is something no one can take away from you. The degree and the additional letters after your name serves as a testament to your perseverance and hard work.

If after reading all these benefits, you think that a PhD in Information Technology is worth it, then you’re on the right track to progressing your career.

What to Expect in an IT Doctorate Program

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A doctorate in IT will need you to render about three to five years before completion, and this is all dependent on the units you take each semester.

When you apply to this program, having a Master’s in Information Technology and years of experience under your belt in the industry will be most advantageous for you.

Once you’ve gotten into the program, you should expect intensive technical courses that will elevate your knowledge in the industry and help you become globally competitive.

Below are some courses you’ll need to take to finish your PhD:

  • Operating Systems and Networking
  • Database Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Auditing in Information Technology
  • Technology and Project Management

Careers Paths for IT Doctorate Holders

If you’ve been in the tech industry for a long time, then you know that there are multiple careers in information technology depending on the specialization you take. By increasing your qualifications through further studies, higher positions in the organization become open to you.

Some new job posts that you now qualify for include Information Technology Specialist, Cybersecurity Officer, Chief of Information Technology, Cloud Technology Director, and University Professor, to name a few.

Thinking Ahead with OEd Post Grad

We’ve gone through the various reasons why a PhD in Information Technology will be beneficial to your career – from the increase in earning potential, to personal fulfillment, and the guaranteed success you’ll have with this degree under your belt.

OEd provides you the opportunity to advance your future according to your schedule and location through a fully online system.

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