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Taking the plunge as an OFW is no easy feat, Kabayan. Wanting to provide your family with a better life, or seeking better work opportunities abroad—none of these things ever come easy. These sacrifices also come with compromises, one of which may have been forgoing your education. But don’t fret! It’s now fully possible to attain your old dream of achieving a college degree, while working full time as an OFW. If you are an OFW who has always wanted to earn a degree to expand your professional opportunities, read on to learn how!

What is ETEEAP?

The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) is an initiative that provides comprehensive educational assessment for OFWs seeking to earn their undergraduate degree. The ETEEAP program for OFW Filipinos is centered around a belief that the skills, knowledge, practices, and values that a person gains from their important work is equally important and can be recognized as a component of their undergraduate degree attainment. This provides a unique opportunity for these workers to secure the degree they might have wanted, but never had the time or resources for.

ETEEAP for OFW is an initiative signed under President Fidel V. Ramos, and is currently being administered by the CHED, in partnership with tertiary education colleges and universities that have voluntarily joined the initiative and passed the approval of CHED. These universities are the ones responsible for assessing ETEEAP applicants and administering the supplementary requirements and subjects.

What are the benefits of the ETEEAP?

1. Time Management

Earning an undergraduate degree in itself is difficult—how much more to balance it with a full-time job overseas? With the ETEEAP program for OFW employees, you are sure to have a much easier time balancing work and school. Since your work itself will be a component of your studies, it will definitely take away time you need to spend on studying, leaving you a little window for your supplementary requirements.

2. Flexibility

Since your learning will be online, you won’t have to spend any time travelling to your school, as all of your learning will be from the comfort of your home after work. Some schools also offer round the clock learning, which means that your learning will mostly be self-paced, and that professors can receive your output and answer queries at any time.

3. Cost Effectivity

As you will be taking your degree online, you won’t need much tangible materials which usually incur additional fees. Remote education would mean that you have no transportation or accommodation fees to worry about. While your tuition fee will depend on the university or college you choose to enroll in, your overall expenses for materials will be lower as your modules will be included.

4. Career Advancement

Working overseas in itself has opened plenty of employment opportunities that you might not find in the Philippines. Make the most of those opportunities by opening up avenues for promotions and career advancement like never before. Earning an undergraduate degree for yourself will not only increase your marketability as an employee, but also make you eligible for positions and occupations that may have been barred from you due to their educational requirements. If there was a dream job you have always wanted, or perhaps a promotion you’re eyeing in your field, your undergraduate degree may just bump up your chances.

How do I apply for ETEEAP?

Applying for the ETEEAP online study program is a breeze, as you can do it online and submit all documents virtually. Check out the requirements and accredited courses to get an idea of what you might need to prepare and fill out the official CHED application form for the ETEEAP for OFW. It’s important to note that whatever course you choose MUST be related to the line of work or field you are in to qualify for the ETEEAP program, as this will be included in the application process and also used as a component for the attainment of your degree.

We hope this guide opened your eyes to exploring new options for your career advancement. It’s never too late to start learning, so if you feel that the ETEEAP is for you, take the leap and sign up today!

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