Online CPD for Teachers in the Philippines

CPD for Teachers Program Summary

With OEd PostGrad’s online CPD for teachers in the Philippines, continuous learning can be more accessible for busy educators. Apart from enriching their practice, educators benefit from meeting the required CPD units to renew their PRC licenses.

OEd Postgrad is an accredited CPD provider for teachers in the Philippines. Our CPD program offers practical courses to help teachers update their teaching methods and improve learner outcomes. This program also builds on the online Certificate in Professional Teaching Program, which focuses on foundations on teaching.  

Postgrad’s online CPD for teachers focuses on topics such as incorporating technology in teaching, modern teaching methods, and leadership and mentorship skills development. We emphasize skills relevant to the 21st century, and which can help teachers respond to the demands of educating the current generation.

CPD for Teachers Program Objectives

OEd PostGrad’s online CPD courses for teachers are designed to provide a convenient way for Philippine educators to nurture their skills. The program strives to develop various skills and knowledge that can equip teachers to be inspiring educators for the next generation. The online CPD program complements the professional experience teachers have acquired and challenges them to see better ways to educate and manage a classroom. These courses can also prepare them for further studies and open opportunities to advance their careers.

Here are OEd PostGrad’s Continuing Professional Development program’s objectives:

  • Adapt to new tools and perspectives in education and apply these in their respective practices.
  • Inspire and motivate teachers to continue learning to improve their practice.
  • Learn new skills necessary to teach effectively in the 21st century.
  • Improve their professional reputation and employment opportunities.
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OEd PostGrad has created a CPD program for teachers to help them enhance their competencies as well as acquire the required credit units to renew their PRC licenses.

The program curriculum covers teaching methodologies, classroom management strategies, application of various digital tools like Moodle and Google Classroom, techniques for teaching mathematics, performance assessment, and leadership coaching skills. The program also touches on theoretical and practical skills to enable teachers to improve holistically.

Our online CPD courses for teachers are each developed and taught by experts in the field of education. They are accessible online so teachers can learn at their own pace and can replay lectures when necessary.

Admission Requirements:

Our program enables students to obtains online CPD points for teachers. Students interested in our Online CPD Program for Teachers should register and fill up the interview form. The AMA Online Education Dean shall assess the information you have submitted and will then schedule an interview with you. Once you have completed the interview, fill up the online registration form for the student portal.

Once you have completed registration, you will need to log in through using the email address and password you provided. Select the program you wish to enroll in as the degree of choice.

You will also need to upload the following to complete your application process for the CPD for Teachers program:

Transcript of Records


Birth Certificate

Two recommendation letters (for DBA and DIT applicants)

Once you’ve uploaded all the necessary documents in either JPED, PDF, or PNG format, click submit and wait for the system to process the evaluation. The evaluation of credentials and activation of subjects for enrollment typically takes 24-48 hours. Once we have process your application, you will receive an email from AMAOEd’s Course Administrator regarding the status of your evaluation.

Online CPD for Teachers FAQs

To ensure that teachers continue to update their knowledge and skills, the PRC requires professional teachers to earn a total of 45 CPD units within 3 years. Our CPD program for teachers is one of the best ways to earn these units.

OEd PostGrad is one of the many institutions accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to provide CPD courses. We offer a convenient and cost-effective way for busy teachers to earn their required credit units.

Online CPD courses cover a wide range of topics aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of professional teachers. Apart from earning the required credit units to renew your PRC license, you can expect to learn valuable skills and insights from the courses, which you can use to improve your career or prepare for further studies. The courses are also self-paced and flexible so it’s more convenient for you to study while working.

Posgrad’s courses for the CPD program are available online. We understand how busy teachers can be, so we encourage you to complete the courses at your own pace. You are also welcome to replay any lecture if you need them.

Yes, Postgrad’s CPD courses are conducted online. You don’t need to visit our campus at any point since registration is also completed online. We emphasize convenience and cost-effectiveness for all enrollees, so you can learn anywhere, anytime as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an Internet connection.

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