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Teachers and many other professionals in the country are required by law to complete CPD, or continuing professional development, units before they can renew their PRC licenses. The reality is, many teachers do not have the time to attend fixed schedule classes. 

OEd, formerly AMA Online Education, offers professionals online teacher enhancement courses that allows teachers to undergo a teacher training certificate course at their own pace, anytime, anywhere! Our online CPD for teachers helps teachers enhance their skills, improve their methodologies, and boost their qualifications. All of our online classes are taught by leading professionals in their respective fields, so our students can rest assured that the knowledge imparted on to them is accurate and the information they will be getting is always current and up-to-date.

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Continuous learning is the best way for professionals to go up the career ladder or to increase their pay. The problem, however, is that most professionals find it difficult to fit in a postgraduate degree into their busy schedules. For some, letting go of their current jobs is simply not an option and for others, they just have too much on their plates at the moment so postgraduate studies is not a priority. Flexible online learning gives professionals the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge in their chose field without having to sacrifice their current job.


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